Ben walked past Scott’s bedroom door on his way to the shower. The bedroom door was open just enough for Scott to see the slightest glimpse of his younger brothers naked form slip past his bedroom door. Scott was lying on his bed in his tight white Calvin Kline cock hugging briefs. he was already semi-hard as he teased his cock through his briefs preparing himself for his routine bedtime wank then the sight of his brother’s smooth hairless ass got him even harder and he began rubbing the form of his cock through his briefs. Scott could hear the shower running then his mind began to wander, He could imagine his younger brother standing under the running warm water as he soaped his sexy smooth body all over.

Scott lay there with his eyes closed imagining his cute younger bro soaping up his balls and cock and if he was anything like him he would be spending more time and more soap on that sensitive area than was necessary, his imagination took him into the bathroom he could clearly see his young brother as he soaped up his firm uncut member. He could see the image clearly as his brother stroked his soapy cock working up not only lather but a good going wank. 
Scott felt the stickiness of the precum soaked patch on his boxer briefs he slipped the briefs down just enough to expose his leaking hard cock and slowly he began to wank in tandem with the vision of his little bro in his head, he imagined Ben shoving a soapy finger in to his ass as he wanked enjoying the pleasures of his teenage lust, Scott used some of his precum to lube his middle finger and as he stroked faster with his right hand he inserted the middle digit of his left inside his tight boy pussy imagining it was his younger brothers cock that had been pushed inside him, “Fuck me, Ben,” he whispered to himself, Just as he pushed a second finger into his boy cunt he heard the sound of the running shower in the bathroom next door stop, Scott stroked faster and faster in the image in his head it was him who was drying off his brothers smooth wet body, faster and faster he wanked his cock as the fingers of his left hand explored deeper inside his tight boy pussy, he could feel it rising from his toes, his legs tensed then the rush from his balls pushed that cum and he let his first glob of cum splatter on to his tight belly followed by two more sharp shots creating a creamy spunky mess on his torso that brought Scott the relief this horny young guy needed before he could get to sleep. 

Scott’s desire for his younger brother had been growing stronger and stronger over the past two years. Ben had always looked up to his big brother Scott, although two years apart in age they had always been tight. The two musketeers. Ben loved nothing better than cozening up next to his big bro as they lay on top of the bed or on the sofa watching a movie they were more than just brothers they were best friends.
Scott wanted Ben so badly, his lust for him was at an all-time high, he had to find a way to get his cute younger brother alone he needed a plan that would not only get his sexy young brother into his room but also into his bed. Once again his cock began to get hard as he formed a plan in his head. 

He heard the bathroom door open, Scott watched closely through that gap in the door and saw clearly his younger brothers swinging dick and tight hair covered balls just glide by, and once again his hand was inside his briefs, his cock was hard and his brain was forming the plan that would get him the pleasures of his sexy younger brothers body..

Scott first began to notice the changes in Ben, the changes that all boys go through as they enter into puberty, it was one day in about two years earlier when the baths had been busy and they had to share a changing cubicle. He noticed that his young brother was becoming a right little man, he had begun to sprout blondish red pubic hair and his dick had at least doubled in size and thickness since the last time he had paid any attention to it, and for the first time Scott realised that Ben had no doubt reached puberty, he was sure that Ben would be pulling the head off his cock every night and dispensing his creamy boy spunk all over his chest just like his big brother had been doing for the past 3 years. Scott’s favourite fantasy lover had always been his best mate Kevin Barton, Scott like boys but Kevin was 100% straight, Scott knew his fantasies of him and Kevin having sex would never happen but he could still not stop himself from imagining them naked together on Scott’s bed.

Scott took himself on a fantasy trip into his own little world of lust and desire as he imagined his younger brother laying on his bed fisting what he now knew was a healthy lump of man meat, it was Ben’s head hitting off his chest as he bent down in the small cubicle to pull on his boxers that brought Scott back to reality, he could feel the heat from Ben’s breath on his cock and balls for that brief millisecond Ben was bent over, he knew his dick was at least semi-hard and growing with the lustful thoughts of his younger brother wanking, he was sure Ben must have noticed his embarrassing situation but he said nothing, Scott quickly pulled on his own boxers then the rest of his clothes before they headed to the café for a drink and a sandwich.  

That night Scott lay in bed with his hand firmly around his hard boy cock, slowly teasing his foreskin back and forth over his precum leaking cock head. But tonight Instead of thinking of his best mate or that new guy who had started working beside him in his part time job in McDonalds he found he was thinking about Ben his loving little brother, Ben who now had pubes and a decent size dick growing down there, Ben who was no longer a child but a blossoming young man who no doubt like him was lying in his bed stroking his young hard cock dreaming away in fantasy land right this very minute, as he worked his cock faster towards the goal of the shiver and tickle then the relief as his warm milky boy juice spilled from his hard throbbing cock onto his belly thinking about his young brother as his lover, he lay there his eyes closed as the sensitivity in his young body subsided, he knew what he was thinking was wrong, he could feel the cum on his belly begin to dry as he reached over the side of the bed to find the socks he had been wearing that day to clean himself up he caught a glimpse of Ben passing his room door on his way to the bathroom, his bedroom door had never closed properly since the moved in here and his pleas to his Dad to fix it had fallen on deaf ears but tonight he was glad his bedroom door stayed open just enough for him to see his sexy young brother pass. 

Scott had known for some time now that he was different from the other boys in his gang, his closest friends were always ogling the girls and commenting on their tits and asses whenever they passed in the schoolyard or on the High Street, but not Scott, he was eying up the packages and swinging dicks inside the jeans and tracksuit bottoms of his mates, he knew he wanted cock, not cunt, he had tried his hardest to think about girls in his fantasies but the relief would never cum until he thought about a guy, In the showers after a workout Scott often eyed up the different shaped and sized cocks of his friends and other gym users. He knew who had a long thin one; he knew who had a short but thick one, he knew who was uncut and who was cut, it was the food for his nightly fantasies, the time when he could be alone in his own little world with those boys, where he could touch them kiss them wank them and even suck them, for those five minutes or so that it took him to reach his ultimate goal, sending that shooting boy cum all over his chest and hand, in those minutes Scott could feel their warmth, he could smell their musky boy smells, he could feel their smooth skin next to his, it had always been this way ever since he first discovered masturbation, but now those thoughts had changed, it was no longer the boy next door or his best mate he wanted to be lying naked beside, it was Ben, his Ben, his handsome younger brother, he just knew he had to find a way to make this happen.

His desire for Ben was all he could think off day and night, so much so that he would spend half his day dripping pre cum into to his briefs as he created lustful fantasies in his head, the stains of desire, the stains of brotherly lust, he knew Ben also had stains like that in his boxers, he knew because he would go to Ben’s room while he was at football training or out with his mates and steal his dirty worn boxers from the laundry basket or bedroom floor, he would sniff them, kiss them, he had even pulled on a pair from time to time just so his own cock could rest where his brothers had been, he would imagine he was taking them off Ben, and when he did he would wrap them around his own cock and wank crazily while in his head he would fantasizing about him and Ben rolling around naked in bed, making love to each other and often before they had been placed back in the laundry basket they would have the stains of both Ben and Scott inside them.

It had been over two years that Scott had been lusting over his younger brother he had been at an 18th birthday party in one of his mates houses and had a few beers, he would admit he was drunk but not falling down drunk, but he had consumed enough alcohol to be brave, for some time now he had been trying to find a way to get to see Ben’s cock hard, he often caught a glimpse of it as Ben went for a shower at night, he admired Ben’s bravery of walking from his room to the bathroom naked something he had been doing for a while, although their parents slept in the downstairs bedroom and had their own bathroom, Scott was always scared that he would bump into his Mum or Dad in the hallway and would never leave his room without at least boxers on, But not Ben, he just let it all swing about, so Scott reckoned that his younger brother probably slept naked too, his desire for Ben was driving him crazy, and as he walked home from the party once again he was fantasizing about Ben,He decided that he at least had to try and touch his brothers’ cock, he needed to see how big it was when it was hard, he had to get a feel of it, he wanted to taste it, in this drunken state he was prepared to take the risk.

It was just gone 3 am when he opened the front door of the house as quietly as he could, just as he closed the door behind him he heard his Mum’s voice,

“Did you have a good night Son”

she was in bed but the woman just would not go to sleep until she knew they were all home and safe,

“Yes, great time Mum. Goodnight”

“Goodnight Son”

she called back, she could sleep soundly now her boy was home. Scott climbed the stairs as quietly as a drunk man could, he went to the bathroom then into his own bedroom where he stripped down until he was standing in only his boxers, he was determined he was going to do this, he would just give his Mum half an hour or so to go to sleep, Just thinking about what he was going to do had him hard, he must have checked his watch 20 times as the minutes dragged by.

 It was 3.45 am when he left his room, it was only 4 steps to Ben’s bedroom door but his bedroom door closed fully unlike Scott’s, he turned the handle and opened the door slowly a mixture of nervous excitement and fear that it could all go wrong, but he knew he had to keep his bottle, he knew that this lusting had gone on for far too long and it was now or never. He had to get a feel of his brothers cock, and maybe even get to taste him in his mouth, Scott had fantasized about this so many times over the past couple of years and now tonight was the night that could bring all those fantasies to life, he hoped and prayed that all would go the way he had dreamed, for such a long time, Of course Scott had a plan B in place, if Ben woke up and caught him touching him and kicked off or got upset when he awoke to find his big brother was touching him up. Scott would claim he was sleepwalking and did not know what he was doing, and hopefully, his brother would accept that and not go running to his parents claiming his brother had molested him.

There was enough light coming into the room for Scott to see Ben was lying snugly in the bed on his back, the lower half of his right leg uncovered and he appeared to be fast asleep, Scott’s cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum just at the sight of his sleeping brother, and the thought that in a few minutes he may be at last feeling under that duvet for his brother’s dick. His whole body was shaking, he was so nervous that he decided that he needed to pee, so he about turned but did not close the bedroom door fully behind him, he made his way to the bathroom and forced a piss from his solid hard teen cock, it came out in bursts and squirts, but he got the relief he needed, all the time he was telling himself he had to go through with this, the time had come and he knew it was now or never, he had to go for it. He shook off the last of the drips from his still hard cock and let it go back into his briefs.

as quietly as he could he made his way back towards Ben’s bedroom, Scott slid through the gap in the slightly open bedroom door, Ben was still lying on his back and Scott could tell from the sound of his breathing that he was fast asleep, Just standing beside his bed in only his briefs his young teenage cock hard and leaking, Just looking down at his young brothers peaceful beautiful face made him smile, he reached out and began to gently stroke Ben’s dirty fair hair, even touching his hair felt amazing, so soft and so fine, there was no turning back he had to go for it. as gently as he could he began to slide his hand under the duvet, his whole body was shaking, he began to sweat as he felt the warmth of his brothers belly then moving his hand further down he got his first touch of Ben’s cock, and to his delight Ben was every bit as hard as he was himself. 

Scott could not believe his luck, he was right Ben did sleep naked as he had imagined, not only was he, at last, getting to feel his brother’s cock, but it was hard, very hard, Scott wrapped his hand around his brother’s dick, feeling the hardness and heat almost brought him to a climax inside his own briefs. Gently he lifted the duvet from Ben’s body just enough so that he could see his brothers hard dick, he was surprised to see that not only was Ben’s cock slightly longer than his but also a little thicker and like himself he had an overhanging foreskin, he had to kiss it, he lifted the duvet a little higher he moved towards it just touching it with his tongue, there was no taste, he got braver and kissed it and let his lips linger over the foreskin for a second or two, with the heat under the duvet and his heart pounding so fast he was sure he was going to faint, he had done what he intended to do, so he laid the duvet back over his brother and crept silently back to his bedroom and had the most powerful climax that he had ever felt in his life.

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