Scott finished his shower then went to his room and got dressed, Just as Mum called on him for breakfast, it was tradition on a Sunday, Gran came home from church with Mum and they all had a full English breakfast, They sat around the table on best behavior when Gran was there, but Scott could not stop himself from getting a hardon again when he looked at Ben and he wondered if Ben had the same problem, Ben just seemed like he always did, but Scott was nervous so much so that his Gran asked if he was feeling alright as he looked a bit worn out, Ben had a big snigger on his face Scott was dreading what was going to come out of his mouth, but thankfully Mum piped in with

“Oh that will be his hangover Mum, Your Grandson was out to all sorts of hours on Friday into Saturday getting drunk with his friends at a party”

“Oh well I remember your brothers doing the same and none of them have turned into alcoholics and his Father likes a few beers now and then, I am sure it won’t become a problem”

That was Ben’s opportunity

“Oh yea the blue-eyed boy it’s ok for him to get drunk, But I bet if I did it Dad would have me locked up in the cells, and you would be dragging me to the Priest to get me exorcized or something” 

In Ben’s eyes, Scott was Gran’s favorite and could do no wrong, while everything he did, got a “Tut tut tut” and a disgusted look gesture from Gran’s eyes

“He is old enough to drink you are not, and you had better not until you are, or that is exactly what will happen to you boy” Gran snapped back.

After breakfast the boys went out, Scott was going to pick up two of his mates to go to a car show, and Ben was playing in a football match for a local team, Scott never got home until about 8 pm by that time Ben had been home then he went out with his mates, so it was 10.30 before he saw Ben again, when once again he came into his room to put his Hugo Boss jacket back in his wardrobe,

“Just keep it in your room,” Scott said

 “cool does that mean it is mine now” Ben replied

“Well you have it on more than I do, you would be as well keeping it”

“Awe thanks Bro you’re the best, I will suck your dick for that later”

“Can I have that in writing?” Scott asked

“Get it out” Ben fired back

“Too dodgy Mum and Dad are still up”

“They won’t come up”

Scott’s cock would not let him reject an offer like that, he pushed down his shorts and boxers and stood behind the door just in case someone did come up the stairs, and true to his word Ben got on his knees and started sucking his brothers cock, but when he gagged Scott stopped him, Ben wanted to continue, but Scott was scared, it was too risky it would break Mum’s heart if they got caught doing this and Dad would kill them for sure

“No Ben we can only do this when no one is home it is too risky, Mum and Dad would disown us if they caught us doing this, I know I started it, and I love what we are doing but we have to be careful”

“You can still come to my room later though when they are sleeping though, or I an I come to here”

“No, You have School, in the morning and I have college, let’s only do it at weekends”

“if we must ok, but the next time I get to suck you until you cum right”

“Looking forward to it, but for now get to your own room I am tired”

Ben blew Scott a kiss and winked at him, “Sweat dreams big boy”

Ben lay awake in his bed long after he got into it, he thought about what had happened between him and Scott over the previous 48 hours, Ben cursed himself for not having realized that he could have been doing stuff like that with his brother much earlier, ever since he had begun wanking about 4 years earlier, Scott had featured in so many of his wanks, Scott was the only guy he ever thought about when he was wanking, most of the times he would think of girls from school or some girl from TV, but at least once a week and most weeks twice, his fantasies turned to his brother, and when he had those wanks the cum was always far more intense.

He began thinking about Friday night when Scott had come into his room.Ben was halfway to sleep when he felt his brothers fingers running through his hair, he had no doubt who it was, he could smell his brothers lynx body spray, the combination of the smell of his big brother, and the gentle soothing feeling of his fingers gently stroking his hair set his cock bone hard, he wondered what Scott was doing in his room so late at night, he could smell alcohol from him and thought that maybe he was just being soppy, the way Dad was when he was drunk, telling them he loved them and wanting to hug them, he liked what his big brother was doing to him, but it was turning him on, He just lay there enjoying his brothers touch.

Ben was praying silently in his head that by some miracle Scott would climb into bed beside him, That his brother would take him in his arms and cuddle and kiss him, he wanted to feel the heat of his brothers body against his, he wanted to feel his brothers stiffness against his own, just then he felt Scott’s hand was working its way under the duvet, he began to doubt that it was really happening and that he was dreaming, but he felt as if he was awake but was scared to open his eyes in case it would ruin the dream, he lay there his cock harder than at any time he could ever remember before?. 

The heat from Scott’s hand sliding down his belly was electric and that heat was heading towards his throbbing hard dick, Ben silently prayed, kept moving down, keep going, oh god please guide him towards my cock, please let this be happening, don’t let me wake up and find out it has all been a dream, and the more he prayed inside his head the closer his brothers hand got to his pre-cum dripping cock.

Ben was doing everything in his power to stop himself from cumming, and then he felt Scott’s hand glide back and forth pulling his foreskin over his sensitive cock head, he was sure he was going to cum, that only intensified when his duvet lifted and he realized Scott’s mouth was heading towards his cock, he was sure Scott’s tongue had touched his dick then it was his lips, Ben was sure that his biggest ever fantasy of his big brother sucking his cock was about to cum true, it was more than he could take, he had to tense up to hold back his cum, he was holding back with everything he had then he felt the duvet laying back against his skin, he sensed Scott leaving his side, he needed to open his eyes to prove to himself that this had really happened, and that it was not all just a wet dream, he saw Scott go out the door, Ben instantly gripped his cock, and within 10 seconds his cum blew giving him the most intense climax he had ever experienced.

Ben lay there his heart beginning to settle back to a normal rhythm, he wanted to follow his brother through to his own bedroom and tell him how brilliant that had been, and tell him how long he had dreamed that this night would come, but he did not have the courage, he thought that Scott had only done that because he was drunk, it would be embarrassing for both of them, he could only hope that Scott would get drunk more often, but next time he would let him know he was awake and wanted him to do it. He drifted off to sleep with his balls drained and a smile on his face.

On Monday morning the boys were both up at 7am, Scott for college and Ben for School, Scott did not drive to college as there was no parking for students, and the cost of parking nearby was too expensive, So Mum would Drop Ben off at school then take him into college on her way to work, it meant they would always be early because Mum started work at 8.30 and School and College did not start until 9am, Ben had been dropped off and they were not far from the college when Scott got a text from Ben,

— I still want to suck your cock until you cum —

Scott was sure his Mum would see the redness in his face and to make it worse he was getting a hardon, he was never so glad to get to college as he was then when he got out of the car and Mum had gone he text Ben back

 — You little cunt I got a hardon because of that text and I was still in the car beside Mum —

Ben —- Oh don’t worry about that Mum probably thinks your such an Angel that you don’t even get hardons —

Scott — Just make sure you delete that text from your phone in case you lose it or someone sees it or something —

Ben — Tonight? —-

Scott — No, at the weekend —

Ben — Please they won’t catch us —

Scott — No —

Ben was always home first on weekdays he got in from School at 4pm Scott and Mum would not be home until Just after 5pm, sometimes Depending on what shift Dad was on or if it was his day off he might be home, but on that Monday when Ben got home he was alone, he went straight to Scott’s bedroom and found the boxers he had been wearing the day before a pair of grey Calvin Klein boxer briefs lying on the floor beside Scott’s bed, He picked them up and had a close look inside them, there was evidence of the precum stains he was hoping for, Ben held them to his nose hoping to smell the scent of his big brother in them, but all he could smell was the scent of soap powder, he kicked off his trainers, then undone his school trousers and took them off followed by his boxers, he pulled on the Grey Calvin Klien boxers that his brother had been wearing the day before, he picked up his trousers and trainers and went to his own bedroom leaving the boxers he had been wearing that day lying beside Scott’s bed.

Ben lay on his bed rubbing and squeezing his hard cock inside the boxers his brother had been wearing the day before, squeezing some precum from his cock into the boxers, it turned him on to think his cum was staining the boxers in the same area his brothers cock had been the day before, he did not want to wank just now, only to spread his precum inside them, there was certainly a good sized damp patch on the front of them when he pulled on his red tracksuit trousers over them when he heard Mums car come onto the driveway.

Scott went straight to his own room, Ben lay on his bed expecting his brother to come in and ask what his boxers were doing lying beside his bed, and he planned to show him he was wearing the dirty ones Scott had been wearing the day before, but it never happened, Scott had not even noticed Ben’s boxers lying on his bedroom floor, and when Mum called for Ben to come down the stair for some reason he had to stall for a couple of minutes to let his hardon of expectation ease off before going down to face Mum, she had that you are in trouble tone to her voice when she called him down, but as it turned out it was a letter from his football team secretary with details of a 10 day football tournament in Spain in the Summer that Ben had agreed to go on, but he had forgotten to mention it to Mum that and the fact it was going to cost her £280, he listened to her moan knowing fine well she would pay it and he would be going on the trip.

They had their supper and both Scott and Ben went out to meet their friends, Ben was back before Scott was, so when he heard Scott come home and up to his bedroom he called him into his bedroom,

“Did you see what I left at the side of your bed”

“No, what have you done”

“Don’t worry nothing sick, I left you a present”

“What kind of present,” Scott asked a little worried

“This kind,” Ben said pushing back his duvet showing Scott that he had on the boxers his brother had been wearing the day before”

“Are those mine”

“Yea I have had them on since I came home from school, I left mine for you to sniff”

“Your fucking nuts boy, but I like it”

“Give me a suck of your dick” Ben said

“No only when there is no one home Ben it is too risky we agreed”

“Ok do you want to watch me having a wank in your boxers”

“No do I fuck, Goodnight enjoy your wank”

Over the next two days Ben tried a few times to claim the suck on Scott’s cock he had been promised, and as much as Scott wanted to have his brother sucking on his dick he was worried that they might get caught and was able to resist, On the Thursday Dad was on a day off and after supper Him and Mum went to visit Dad’s Mum at the care home, Ben had planned on meeting up with his mates but when he heard Mum and Dad were going out he decided to stay home, almost as soon as they were out the door he went to Scott’s bedroom,

“Dick out” he demanded

Scott laughed, “Listen to you, it’s please may I suck your cock master”

“Master Bator more like, com’on, you promised when there was no one home we could”

Scott lay on his bed and pushed down his shorts and boxers in one go then kicked them off altogether and lay there in only his tee shirt and socks, Ben instantly kneeled at the side of the bed and took hold of his brothers cock he kissed then put it in his mouth, as he sucked on Scott’s cock he pushed his own Shorts and boxers down and began wanking himself, Scott wondered if maybe Ben had been practicing on someone else, he never gagged and he was taking Scott’s full length without hesitation, he certainly seemed to be doing a better job of sucking his cock than Scott felt he had of Ben’s, Yes it felt great having his brother sucking his dick, but he was not even near cumming, when Ben pulled off his cock and began wanking himself faster then he let out that cumming noise as he caught his cum in his hand, he picked up a sock from the bedroom floor and wiped up his cum then went straight back to sucking Scott’s cock.

After a few minutes Scott told him to get on the bed so they could suck each other off 69 they sucked each other for another 5 minutes then they kissed cuddled and rubbed themselves off each other, they certainly explored each other’s bodies licking , touching and kissing,

“Wank into my mouth” Ben said

“Are you sure”

“Yea I told you, I want to taste your cum that was the deal”

“Ok lie on your back”

Ben done as he was told, Scott got above him his legs both sides of Ben,s shoulders his balls almost on his brothers chin he wanked furiously for a minute or two, when he announced he was about to cum, Ben took hold of his brothers cock put half of it in his mouth and wanked the other half for a second or two, Scott yelped and Ben began to swallow, it was bitter but he did not care he wanted his brothers cum in his belly, he did not care what it tasted like all that mattered to him was swallowing his brothers seed. Scott leaned down and kissed Ben on the lips, “

Well did you like the taste”

“it was ok but mines tastes better”

“You taste your own cum” Scott asked surprised

“Yea sometimes, if I wank in the bath or can’t find a dirty sock”

“And I thought I was the pervert in this family”

“Let’s go for a shower” He reached out and took Ben’s hand pulling him from the bed towards the bathroom.

The boys lost all control, their normal morals went out the window, they were like starving rabid dogs kept from food for weeks then thrown a carcass, Scott leaned in to turn the shower on, Ben’s arms wrapped around his body his stiff cock pushed against his brothers bum and he whispered in his ear;

“Forget the shower just now, let’s go to my bedroom”

The got into the shower Scott turned to face Ben, their cocks collided before their lips, they embraced each other tongues entwined, and almost as if it was some kind of sensual dance, they twisted and turned, pushing and pulling each other, as they got carried away in a frenzy of passion,. The two brothers, feeling, touching, exploring each other, led by natural instinct, they kissed, licked and fondled each other, experiencing sensations and feelings they never knew existed, it was wild passion beyond their greatest expectations, they both played their part, guiding and teaching each other as they both discovered new sensations and erogenous zones, Neither brother could ever have imagined that they could have brought such intense pleasures to each other, Their only regret was that they had taken so long to discover it. And it was the water turning colder that took them from the shower back to Scott’s room
 Hardly a word was spoken between them, there were lots of noises groans, grunts and moans, They did not need to speak, they just followed their natural instinct, that combined with what they had gleaned from hours and hours of watching porn on their phones or computers as they stroked out wank after wank on a daily basis, ensured they had enough knowledge to satisfy each other, So when Ben turned sixty-nine on top of his brother, it seemed the most natural thing for Scott to do, his hands parted his brothers cheeks exposing his purplish rose bud hole, His tongue glided across the his brothers pussy, sending a wave of pleasure through Ben’s young body, Then as his brothers tongue broke through the tight ring it was almost more than Ben could bear, he had been brought to a new high, He felt as if he was about to explode his load down his brothers chest but he never, it was almost as if the sensation of orgasm was suspended half way between his balls and his cock sending waves of pleasure to every nerve ending in his young body without the relief of ejaculation, Ben could not describe the feeling but he knew he loved what was happening, He feasted on Scott’s cock as he pushed his ass harder against his brothers face almost smothering Scott, This was more intense than every fantasy he had ever dreamed multiplied by ten, Scott’s tongue hit something inside him and that was the final blow, he released his mouth from Scott’s cock and let out an almost girlish scream, as the pressure in his balls exploded driving his second load of the night and his most intense ever, to fly from his throbbing cock, before Scott had realized what had happened, Bens spunk was running down his ches,t denying him the pleasure of his brothers load filling his mouth, as his had done less than half an hour before.

The brothers lay side by side regaining their breath, Scott was the first to speak;

“That was amazing Bro”

“Unbelievable, I have never came so much in my life, I can’t believe that my ass could be so sensitive, No wonder all those guys in the gay pornos, love getting their ass fucked so much”

“Ah ha, so you check out gay porn as well, you little pervert” Scott said as he leaned in and kissed Ben on the shoulder.

“Scott I want you to teach me all you know about Gay sex, I want to try everything”

“We will have to learn together Ben, I have never done this with anyone else in my life”

They both looked at each other and smiled, as if by some magnetic attraction their lips moved towards each other’s and locked in a deep sensual kiss, these boys loved and wanted each other so much, they knew and trusted each other so much that it all just came naturally, They rolled around on the bed kissing and cuddling, once more exploring each other’s bodies with their tongues, Sucking, kissing and biting, both wanting to please the other, both experiencing new high’s and sensations, every touch, every feeling, every sensation, educating them on the pleasures of man on man sex, this was their night, their night of discovery, Never in their young lives had they felt so much as one, yea they had always been close, but this was a closeness that neither of them could have ever imagined, They both declared love for each other, but this was more than just brotherly love, this was more than lust, it was a love that only two lovers committed to pleasure other in every way could share. Then the Sound of Dads car coming onto the driveway brought their loving to a sudden end, Ben dashed to his bedroom but not before he kissed his brother one more time.

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