It was 1pm on the Saturday afternoon before Scott woke, and the first thing that came into his head was what he had done to Ben the night before, he could actually feel his face go red with embarrassment, he pulled the duvet over his face and whispered to himself

 “What the fuck have I done”

he assumed that Ben if he knew what he had done he had not said anything to his parents, if he had Scott would have been wakened up before now, he lay there in his bed thinking for the next hour, he was sure Ben was sound asleep and would know nothing about what he had done to him, then doubt crept in, maybe he did know but was too embarrassed to say anything to their parents, he hoped that he was sound asleep, it was just gone 2pm when Scott mustered up the courage to go downstairs, to his relief the house was empty, Ben was probably out playing football as he did most Saturdays, Dad would be at work and he assumed Mum was out doing the shopping.

Scott poured himself some cereal and only had the second mouthful when he heard the front door opening then Ben came through to the kitchen, wearing his dirty football kit even his legs had dried mud on them, he threw his bag on the kitchen floor and went to the fridge and poured himself a glass of milk, as he walked towards the table Scott could not help himself from looking at the swing in his brothers white nylon football shorts, and it gave him a tingle down below,

“You drunk last night,” Ben asked,

Scott’s heart was racing,

“Yea I suppose I must have been, I can’t remember getting home” Scott lied,

“Good night then, any girls there”

“Yea it was a good laugh, just the usual girls and Greg’s two sisters”

“You get to nip any of them” “No did I fuck they are ugly”

“The ugly girls need to be fucked too” Ben replied,

“well I am not fucking them”

“Probably Greg you want to fuck anyway”

Ben said as he grabbed his kit bag and bolted up the stairs, a couple of minutes later Scott heard the shower running, so he rinsed out his plate and went back up to his bedroom and went back into bed, he lay there thinking, Why had Ben said it was probably Greg he wanted to fuck, Did he know what he had done to him, but he was sure that if Ben did know he would have said something, especially since no one else was home, about ten minutes later he heard the bathroom door open then his bedroom door getting pushed fully open,

“Awe have you got a hangover”

Ben was stood there naked with his football top in his hand covering his cock and balls,

“yea a bit, go and put some clothes on” 

“why, am I turning you on”

Ben said, then pulled the football top away and shook his cock and balls by moving his hips letting Scott see all he had, then he walked out the door wiggling his ass.

Scott lay in bed his head all over the place, Ben had never done anything like that in front of him, yea they had seen each other naked plenty of times, like at the gym, football training or sometimes when they went to the swimming and they had to share a cubicle, but they had never exposed themselves in front of each other like Ben just did, Maybe he was just being stupid and it never meant anything, or maybe he did know what he had done to him, and he knew Scott was gay, it was just after 4 when he heard his Mum coming home, and a short time later she came up to his room, she took his laundry basket and they spoke briefly, she asked how the party went, and said his room stunk of stale beer and sweat and suggested he shower, then she went to Ben’s room, he could hear them talking but not what they were talking about, Mum went down stairs and about two minutes later he heard Ben’s room door open a few seconds later he was in Scott’s room, he sat on Scott’s bed,

 “You’re the best brother in the world did you know that,” Ben said 

“What are you looking for” Scott asked

“Can I wear your Hugo Boss jacket tonight”

“how where are you going”

“Nowhere special, but it looks cool on me”

“fuck off get a job and buy your own”

“Awe brov com’on, I will give you a big cuddle”

Ben threw himself on the bed on top of Scott, Scott got an instant hardon and was scared that Ben might feel it against him he pushed Ben away,

“Ok ok wear the fucking thing if it makes you happy”

“Cheers Bro anything I can do for you just ask”

What a fucking weird day Scott thought, first he flashes his cock to me then gets on top of me in bed both things he had never done before, yea they sometimes wrestled and pretend fought but never while the other was in bed, he could not work out if Ben knew what he had done to him but was not upset about it, or if it was just coincidence that he was doing these things the day after Scott had molested him.

Scott stayed home on Saturday, he did not want to drive in case he was still over the alcohol limit, his Dad had warned him not to drive for 24 hours after he had been drinking, his Dad was a Police Officer and warned him you can still be over the limit the following day, so rather than risk losing his driving licence he just stayed home, he heard Ben coming in about 10.30pm he stayed downstairs for probably about half an hour then when he came upstairs he came into Scott’s room and hung his jacket back in the wardrobe,

“Good night” Scott asked

“Never did much, hung about down at the shops mostly”

“ What about you, did you stay in wanking all night”

“Now that would be telling” Scott shot back

“Well I am off to have one now, catch you later”

Ben left the room leaving Scott even more confused, they did not normally talk about wanking, they often called each other a wank when they were upset or annoying each other, but wanking was not a subject they talked about with each other unless there was a crowd of boys together having a laugh and talking about girls or porn.

Just like most nights Ben was the subject of Scott’s bedtime fantasy, but he struggled to sleep tossing and turning, thinking about Ben, did he know or was Scott just being paranoid, it scared and excited him at the same time, he just could not get it out of his head, at 1.35 am Scott got up and went to the bathroom for a piss, on his way back from the bathroom, the urge to do the same thing that he had done the night before just filled his thoughts and before he could even rationalize with himself he was opening the door to Ben’s bedroom and was in the room on his knees beside Ben’s bed, again Ben was on his back snoring lightly, Scott slid his hand under the duvet and a second later his hand was wrapped around his brothers cock, after two or three minutes of stroking Ben’s cock he once again lifted the duvet to see his brothers meat, but instead of kissing it like he had done the night before he took Ben’s cock in his mouth, he had never sucked a cock before, but he had wanted too for a long long time.

 Scott was in heaven, he could not believe how good it felt having a cock in his mouth, that soft flexible skin over the hardness below was an incredible feeling, he did not know if he was doing it right but he was enjoying every second of it, he had been sucking Ben’s cock for about three or four minutes when he felt him move slightly, in panic he pulled out from under the duvet, and when he  looked in the direction of his brothers face he got the fright of his life, to his surprise Ben’s eyes were fully open and he had a slight grin on his face, an expression that told Scott that he was not angry or upset. 

Scott stammered 

“Sorry I must have been sleepwalking” 

and as soon as he said it he knew how pathetic he sounded

Ben whispered back “yea becoming a habit, you were sleepwalking last night as well but I never got a BJ”

“Please don’t say anything I promise I won’t do it again” Scott was genuinely pleading

“That’s not how this works Bro, you started so you have to finish the job”

Ben pulled the duvet over behind him exposing his hard 6.5 inches of hard cock,

“Suck it, you can’t leave me with blue balls”

Scott’s heart was racing,  he instantly moved his mouth back over Ben’s throbbing hard boy cock and began to suck on his little brother all the time watching Ben’s face for a reaction he could not believe that this was really happening, Ben just lay back with his eyes closed he seemed to be enjoying having his brothers mouth around his cock,then his hand reached out behind Scott’s head and he tried to force every last inch of his cock into his brothers throat, but Scott gagged, then began coughing,

“I better get back to my room in case I wake up Mum and Dad, thanks for letting me do that”

“You better finish the job tomorrow, that felt amazing” 

On Sunday morning Dad would have gone to work at 6am, Scott woke at 9am when he heard his Mum’s car door shutting, she would be going to take gran to church, almost as soon as her car left the driveway Ben walked into his bedroom naked with his cock hard and pointing out in front of him, he got into bed beside Scott, They just smiled at each other,

“Can I suck you again?” Scott asked

“Of course, you can, you can suck my dick anytime you want too as long as no one finds out”

“Did it feel good last night?” Scott asked

“Fuck yea it felt amazing, I was just about to cum when you stopped”

“I won’t stop until you cum this time”

“Can I cum in your mouth”

“Yea if you want too”

“Have you swallowed a guys cum before?” Ben asked feeling his brother take hold of his cock in his hand and stroking him.

“No never, I have only ever done this with you” but I want to taste it

“Have you done it with me before Friday night?” Ben asked

“No Friday was the first ever” Scott replied

“Fuck I thought I had been getting secret blow jobs and missed out on the feeling”

“Why did you want to do it,” Ben asked

“I don’t know I was horny I suppose”

“Well anytime you are horny feel free to use my cock”

“Cheers Bro, I would love that”

Scott replied, then slid down the bed and put his lips over Ben’s rock hard cock sucking him as deep and as fast as he could, he gagged a few times but only stopped for a second to catch breath then went back to sucking on Ben’s cock, he had built up a good rhythm and after about ten minutes Ben warned him he was about to cum, Ben grabbed Scott’s hair tight his whole body convulsed and he let out a loud moan as he emptied his balls into his brothers mouth, Scott swallowed every last drop of his brothers cum as if he had been doing it all his life, they lay in bed side by side for a few minutes not saying a word then Ben reached out and took a hold of Scott’s cock and began wanking him,

“I suppose we must be Bi-Sexual,” Ben said

“Yea probably, have you ever thought about doing anything like this before” Scott replied

“Sometimes but I did not think you would do it”

“I have wanted to do it for ages, but was scared you would tell Mum and Dad”

“I wish you had not been” Ben replied

“Yea me too, I am just surprised your cock is bigger than mine”

“haha I probably wank more than you, that’s why I have been wanking since I was 11 and do it at least 3 times a day”

“Every day,” Scott asked surprised

“Yea at least, how often do you wank”

“One at night and sometimes in the morning if I wake up early enough”

Scott could feel the cum getting ready to blow from his cock,

“I am going to cummmmmmm” and just as he said it the cum erupted from his dick, it was not a massive load, he had wanked only a few hours before for the second time that night after leaving Ben’s room, but it was enough to coat Ben’s fingers and the back of his hand,

“Give me one of your socks up so I can clean this up,” Ben said

“Do you do that too?” he asked Ben thinking he was the only one who had that Idea

“yea I saw you doing it, so I started doing it too”

“When did you see me doing it” Scott was surprised to hear that

“about two years ago, I have watched you wanking loads of times”

“No way, when”

“loads of times, because your door is always open it is easy to spy on you, will I tell you something sick, I have sniffed your socks after you have used them to wipe up you’re cum a few times”

“Oh have you now, well I have sniffed your cum stained boxers a few times”

“haha done that to yours too”

It was like a natural response thing as if they both knew what the other wanted, they turned to each other, Scott pulled Ben on top of him and they kissed, and kissed and kissed more for the next 10 minutes or so.

“We better get sorted out, Mum will be back shortly”, Scott said to Ben

“Can we take a shower together?” Ben asked

“Might be a bit risky what if Mum comes home” Scott replied

“We can leave the bathroom window open a bit and we will hear her car on the drive, and I will just sprint to my room, Do you remember when we used to have to shower together and we would sometimes wash each other”

“Fuck I forgot all about that, you told Mum I had hairs growing near my willy”

“Yea that was the last time she let us shower together I think about that sometimes and have been trying to think of a way we could have a shower together,” Ben said almost excitedly.

“Fuck it let’s do it”

Scott said, both boys got out the bed naked and went to the shower, both had full blown hardons again as they soaped each other up washing each other’s balls and cocks, they washed each other’s backs, Ben’s soapy fingers ran down the crevice in Scott’s ass, then Scott’s fingers found Ben’s ass, their cocks rubbed together and they kissed again, just then they heard the sound of Mum’s car on the gravel driveway, Ben had a quick rinse grabbed a towel and went to his room to dry off, Scott had his fourth wank in less than 12 hours and was surprised when he came once again.

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